About Our Music Program

At Grinnell UCC we believe that preparing music for worship is an offering to God and neighbor. Our worship music is an offering made in grateful response to the love that God first gives to us. Our music also contributes to our devotional lives. Music helps us to pray. Music teaches us about our faith. Music stirs our souls.

Our Balcony Choir consists of college students and adults who rehearse on Wednesday afternoons. Children bring regular gifts of music to our worship as well. They rehearse on many Sundays during the church school hour.  We are fortunate to benefit from the service of a talented music instructor, Kenneth Davis, our Director of Worship Music, and from our Composer-in-Residence, John Rommereim. They stretch our choirs of adults and children to bring excellent offerings in worship and create an environment for people of all musical abilities to take part in the rich spiritual practices of singing.  Music at Grinnell UCC is a gift for everyone.