Our Core Values

Excellence in Worship Every week we give glory to God in our service of festival worship. UCC worship is characterized by artful and devotional music, prayers authentically offered, and serious attention to preaching.

Social Justice Established by pioneers resolutely opposed to slavery in 1855, our congregation has sustained a commitment to the Social Gospel of Jesus Christ by standing for racial and economic justice in the public square.

Education We remember when Iowa College became Grinnell College because our spiritual ancestors established the school on the prairie and led it through its formative years. A commitment to teaching and learning is in our DNA, and it is boldly reflected in our church school and the UCC Preschool.

Open and Affirming LGBTQ persons and households are deeply integrated into our congregation. We proclaim God’s blessing on gay lives and relationships, and we strive to use language affirming that all bodies are created in God’s image.

Progressive Theology The mysteries of God are revealed to us in so many ways! Through careful study of scripture, reflection on our lived experiences in God’s creation, the critical application of our minds to science and culture, and in the deep ecumenical tradition of our faith. In all that we say about God and in all that we do in God’s care, our church is dedicated to giving God glory.